About Us

R & R Contracting Utilities, Inc. is a Maryland-based, woman-owned site work and utility company. Started eighteen years ago by Jennifer DiPietro, The company has supported local,city, state, and federal government in a broad range of services, including but not limited to, site preparation, tunneling and micro tunneling, water mains, storm drains, sewer construction, hydrant installation and/or rehabilitation, and cement mortar lining of existing water lines.

R & R works as a utility subcontractor on local, city, state, and federal sewer & water projects by providing an OSHA trained, well-skilled labor and operator force of men to General Contractors to use in the form of a full-time crew, or by assigning our men to work with their own crews on any aspect of the overall project.

R & R Contracting Utilities, Inc., is certified as a DBE, MBE,  WBE, SLBE across 5 states with over 30 jurisdictional certifications.

With over 20 years of service, R & R takes pride in its commitment to service, safety, and professionalism with regard to our employees and clients.